Presence in 3 countries

24 years of experience and outstanding expertise in the development of real estate projects in Chile, Colombia and Peru.

Presence in 3 countries

24 years of experience and outstanding expertise in the development of real estate projects in Chile, Colombia and Peru.

Presence in 3 countries

24 years of experience and outstanding expertise in the development of real estate projects in Chile, Colombia and Peru.

Presence in 3 countries

24 years of experience and outstanding expertise in the development of real estate projects in Chile, Colombia and Peru.

Presence in 3 countries

24 years of experience and outstanding expertise in the development of real estate projects in Chile, Colombia and Peru.

Presence in 3 countries

24 years of experience and outstanding expertise in the development of real estate projects in Chile, Colombia and Peru.

About us

Our expertise

Our long-standing experience in the real estate industry is reflected in the success of our projects. Knowing what our customers want, and why they choose us has translated in a sustained growth in the region, delivering attractive returns to our investors.

Our knowledge

Los ejecutivos de Actual saben cómo hacer de la inversión un modelo de negocio rentable a lo largo del tiempo, incorporando criterios de éxito no sólo financieros, sino también sociales y medioambientales a partir del desarrollo de la industria de inversión inmobiliaria.


Our sustained business model, supported by a team that has created and managed attractive projects, provides safe and secure investments to our investors, who see in Actual a partner of confidence.

Broad experience in the real estate market

Real estate

Over 90 projects completed in Chile, Peru and Colombia and 38 under construction.


More than 100 buildings designed in Chile, Colombia and Peru.


Más de 1.000.000 m2 construidos y 27 años de experiencia.


1,200 ongoing rental housing projects in the districts of Ñuñoa, Las Condes and Santiago Downtown.


1.2 million UF invested in residential rental assets.


Wide expertise in financial structuring/financing for construction and long-term projects.


Solid knowledge and capabilities in legal and tax structuring, customized to each business plan.

Our history

Encouraged by the idea of creating a real estate company to keep up with 21st century standards, in 1998 a group of successful Chilean professionals created Actual Inmobiliaria. Combining their knowledge and experience in areas such as architecture, administration and sales they managed to develop and build housing projects with the highest market standards.

Today, Actual Inmobiliaria has successfully placed in the market housing projects in Chile, strategically located in the districts of Ñuñoa, Providencia, Huechuraba, Las Condes, La Reina, and Macul. All of them executed under the strict quality standards of the Actual brand.

Triggered by the outstanding results in Chile, the company crossed borders, and together with local partners formed Actual Colombia and Actual Peru to develop projects in both countries where the Actual experience and brand have become widely recognized generating large sales for the company.

In Peru, Actual has several successful ongoing projects in San Miguel, Miraflores and Chorrillos. In Colombia, Actual is developing important projects in Bogota, Tolima, Cundinamarca and Medellin.

The internationalization of the business is focused on long-term projects thus, our efforts aim at developing the finest housing projects and the everyday improvement of our post-sale customer service.

We are proud to be the pioneers, creators and active participants of the great real estate boom in the Andean region, with almost 40 projects under development. We are confident that we will continue to satisfy the requirements of more and more clients in Chile, Colombia and Peru.

Our cornerstones


At Actual Inmobiliaria we experience style with passion, and our projects are a clear reflection of this. Interiors designed for the enjoyment and satisfaction of our clients: the finest finishes and state of the art materials are found in all our projects.

Our apartments and houses adapt to the current needs of our clients, with smart layouts where each member of the family has their own private space. Our common spaces are designed for maximum comfort, featuring elegant finishes and modern décor.


Your safety and your family´s are part of our commitment. Bearing this in mind, our projects are equipped with modern security systems to make you feel safe and protected.

Every detail matters, for this reason our projects incorporate, among other, seismic and fireproof technologies.


Actual Inmobiliaria is leader in Eco-efficient design and construction. From groundbreaking, each of our projects make an efficient use of materials and systems and also introduce climatic and environmental factors and the use of existing resources in the area.

Among the benefits of sustainable homes stand out lower energy consumption and reduced waste and pollution since there are no toxic materials involved.

Corporate Philosophy

Organizational Purpose

Being a stable company over time, able to fulfill the aspirations of our employees, focused on teamwork in a good work environment, making each of our collaborators proud to belong to Actual.

Position Actual as a leading real estate company and a recognized brand in Chile, Colombia and Peru based on our market knowledge, process excellency, project quality and business ethics.

Contribute to the city and the community, protecting the environment and seeking to improve the quality of life of our clients (CSR).

Our corporate vision for 2025

Become a multinational company with real estate projects in Chile, Peru and Colombia, with strong CORPORATE PRACTICES, based on the continuous improvement of our processes, in the context of the applicable legislation.

Become a company recognized for its attractive and innovative projects. VALUED BY OUR CLIENTS who enjoy and take pride in living in an Actual home. CLIENTS who are satisfied with our quality standards and service during the purchase process and after moving into their new homes.

Become a company HELD IN HIGH ESTEEM BY OUR EXECUTIVE MANAGERS thanks to our modern, flexible and novel practices, providing attractive professional development and encouraging innovation among our staff.

Become a company that offers ATTRACTIVE AND DIVERSIFIED OPPORTUNITIES TO OUR STRATEGIC PARTNERS ensuring good and stable returns over time, building long-term relationships with Institutional Funds and other private partners.

6 Organizational Values


Evolucionamos en respuesta a las necesidades de nuestros clientes y nuestro entorno. Mejoramos e innovamos tanto en nuestros procesos como productos.

Integrity and Respectability

Professional and personal integrity at all times. Relations based on trust, transparency and respect as key aspects of our corporate culture.


We are motivated to work with energy and joy. We see challenges as opportunities and face them with a positive and improving attitude and healthy ambition. We are daring.


Our main goal is to ALWAYS put on our best performance in every aspect: in our methods and products, focusing on efficiency and continuous improvement.


Company culture based on freedom of entrepreneurship, creation and thinking: everything is permitted except what is expressly forbidden.


We work towards common goals, supporting and collaborating with each other, to succeed as a team while promoting the wellbeing of Actual.

Company Profile

Pablo Gellona


Francisco Silva


Felipe Fuchs


Eugenio Gellona


Corporate Governance Bodies
Rodrigo Lyon

Chief Executive Officer

In order to keep each business unit focused on its objectives, Actual developed a corporate area whose mission is to focus on the support, control, reporting, strategical and sustainability strengths of the company, the use of economies of scale and the streamlining of the decision-making processes.

The corporate structure is established as follows:




69 Real Estate


9 Districts

Rodrigo Lyon R.

General Manager

For 24 years, Actual Chile has developed townhouse and apartment complexes, seeking to satisfy the needs of an increasingly demanding market, maintaining in our new ventures our high quality, design and sustainability standards to adapt to the current needs and prioritizing a private space for each member of the family.

Since our beginnings, in Actual we search for deep markets with high demand, focusing on the metropolitan region and in other districts of greater Santiago, including Ñuñoa, to continue gaining market positioning with over 30 projects. Actual is also present in Las Condes, Providencia, Ñuñoa, Huechuraba, Macul, Santiago Centro, San Miguel and La Reina.

A few years ago, we incorporated the Multifamily concept as a new business model as a complement to our traditional and successful projects for sale. The experience of our teams and the sustainability of our corporate structure has allowed us to overcome the recent health crisis, without losing focus on the development of projects that encompass the complete cycle, which starts with the acquisition of the land and ends with the handover of the property, always bearing in mind a harmonic relationship with the environment and aimed at improving the quality of life of our clients.

2021 was an busy year regarding number of deeds and handover of 4 of our projects in Ñuñoa and Macul, reaching 486 clients, amounting over UF 2.3 million.


17 Proyectos
17 Real Estate Projects


4 Departments

Alfonso Perdomo

Real Estate General Manager

In Actual Colombia we continue consolidating our experience and improving the quality of our products and customer experience, thus our efforts are focused on the development of the best housing projects, optimizing post-sales and customer service, under the 360º concept. In 2021 we implemented the most advanced post-sales tool in the market to guarantee traceability and monitor performance.

In 2021 we managed to establish a digital strategy, and also implement the best available practices to ensure execution, efficiency and impact on our brand and projects in the commercialization phase, with state-of-the-art tools that add value to our stakeholders. On the other hand, we continued our expansion in Bogota with new projects and developments in the Bogota savannah and surrounding districts. These projects consolidate our strategy towards offering top quality competitive products. Among the most successful developments stand out: Entre Cielos in Bogota, Bosque Natura in Cajica and Homework 98 in Bogota.

In addition, during 2021 our efforts focused on low-cost housing, adapting our offer to the housing market in Colombia, allowing us to conduct solvent operations in 4 departments with a pipeline of over 1,000 housing units to be placed in the market.


21 Real Estate Projects


6 Districts

Gustavo Ehni

General Manager

Actual Peru was born in September 2013 in the context of the internationalization strategy of the group, with the intention of exporting knowledge on the development of high-quality projects aimed at improving our clients´ lifestyle, as we have been doing in Chile.

Since we began operating in this market, Actual Peru has continuously and sustainably grown, becoming one of the main real estate companies in the country with 11 finished projects, 4 under construction and 2 in the development stage.

The growth expectations of the Peruvian market remain strong and positive. For our part, this year our company was able to grow compared to 2020 despite the health crisis.


Actualcorp, with 23-year experience in the development of urban projects and with presence in 3 countries, entered the Residential Rental business with its first building in the district of Ñuñoa, launched in March 2020 with 310 exclusive apartments for rent. This was part of an expansion plan to develop over 1,200 apartment units in the next 3 years together with Fondo Banchile and other related partners, in the Ñuñoa, Las Condes and Santiago Downtown districts.


At present, the Seminario Building has stabilized with a 95% occupancy rate of housing units and commercial premises as of December 2021.


The Manuel Montt building, located on the intersection of Avenida Manuel Montt and Avenida Bilbao, in the Providencia district, has 9 commercial premises and 31 office suites. Actualrent has successfully managed these lease contracts.


We are currently developing three Multifamily projects to be finished in 2024: the Cumbres de Colón Buildings in Las Condes, Argomedo and Porvenir in Santiago Downtown.

More than renting


24-year experience developing urban projects with small apartment units.

Experience in the structuration of suitable land for the business.

Recognized brand in the upper middle sector of Santiago.

Management training and customer experience

310 units under our management.

1,200 housing units in developments for rent within the next few months


Installation of Papel Bond exhibition by César Gabler at MAVI, winner project of the 2018 Actual Foundation MAVI Grant.
Angélica Gellona

Executive Director

Actual Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to bring art closer to people by making it accessible and, at the same time, promote visual artists in Chile.

Created by Actualcorp in 2017, Fundación Actual leads 4 permanent programs:

Lorena Olivares, sculptor, winner of the 2021 Arte en tu barrio contest.

Actual Foundation Mavi UC Grant

Production grants for moderately known artists awarded every two years by Actual Foundation together with the Museum of Visual Arts (MAVI UC). The grants seek to promote the development of Chilean contemporary art, supporting professional artists allowing them to consolidate their work and be recognized.

Fábulas exhibition by Marcela Trujillo, Arte sobre ruedas.

Art on wheels

Itinerant exhibitions that travel in a remodeled van adapted to exhibit visual arts in different public spaces of the city.

I love knowing that art vibrates on every scenario on the face of earth: heights, walls and on wheels. Keep believing in this virtuous project that benefits so many. Thank you and congratulations!Lilly, Artweek Fair Visitor Estación Mapocho.

Art in your neighborhood

To create a positive experience and contribute to a good quality of life, the Art in your neighborhood project exhibits artwork by national artists in public spaces throughout the city and/or in the common areas of the Actual buildings.


Actual Foundation began its internationalization process in 2021, promoting the ActualizArte program in Actual Peru and Actual Colombia. This program dresses our projects with works of art, becoming a showcase for local artists.

Actual Approach to Art

This program was implemented during the pandemic aimed at disseminating the work of contemporary Chilean visual artists through non-face-to-face channels, using formats that promote observation, reflection, critical analysis and dialogue

Constanza Mayo, sculptor, work: Bosque Clarines, at Clarines building by Actual Inmobiliaria
Feble, sculpture by Lorena Olivares, Art in your neighborhood


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